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One of the most important assets of Yuma Lutheran is our teaching staff.

Our staff is comprised of caring, Christian educators from various backgrounds and with various experiences. Parents often comment that our teachers are what impress them most about our school. Each one of them is dedicated to not only providing the best education possible, but also serving as role models for the students and their parents.

More than half of our teachers have earned their Master’s degrees. In addition, Yuma Lutheran strives to provide our teachers with professional development opportunities as well. Every year, our staff attends the Lutheran Educators’ Conference in California. This conference enables our teachers to learn instructional strategies and educational practices that will improve their classroom teaching.

  Name Title Group Contact
Adriana Alcalde Alcalde, Adriana Office Support 928-726-8410
Stephanie Ashbrook Ashbrook, Stephanie Librarian
Madison Baughn Baughn, Madison 8th Grade Teacher
Stephanie Burke Burke, Stephanie Food Service 928-726-8410
Joy Chamness Chamness, Joy Nurse 928-726-8410
Jesus Cordova Cordova, Jesus Security
Nate DeWitt DeWitt, Nate Aide
Kathleen Di Bianca Di Bianca, Kathleen 3rd Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Lara Dinsmore Dinsmore, Lara 4th Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Katie Drewek Drewek, Katie Orchestra Teacher 928-726-8410
Dawn Echols Echols, Dawn 5th Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Crystal Fell Fell, Crystal Technology Coordinator 928-726-8410
Lyndsee Flint Flint, Lyndsee IT 928-726-8410
Lyndsee Flint Flint, Lyndsee Social Media Coordinator 928.726.8410
Bruce Foote Foote, Bruce 7th Grade Teacher
Angela Fulsome Fulsome, Angela Preschool Teacher 928-726-8410
Ashley Gist Gist, Ashley Aide 928-726-8410
Lauren Gross Gross, Lauren 6th Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Carrie Harman Harman, Carrie 1st Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Tony Harman Harman, Tony 8th Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Vincent Harman Harman, Vincent Pastor 928-726-0773
Kristen Helweg Helweg, Kristen Aide
Staisha Hinojosa Hinojosa, Staisha Surround Care Director 928-726-8410
Julia Hortenstine Hortenstine, Julia Librarian
Karen Jarocki Jarocki, Karen Music 928-726-8410
Joyce Jensen Jensen, Joyce
Elena Jimenez Jimenez, Elena School Secretary 928-726-8410
Julie Kist Kist, Julie Kindergarten Teacher 928-726-8410
Stephanie Kovesdy Kovesdy, Stephanie 2nd Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Debbie Martinez Martinez, Debbie 3rd Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Natasha McMullen McMullen, Natasha 2nd Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Allan Medel Medel, Allan Custodial
Kimberly Meeks Meeks, Kimberly Church Secretary 928-726-0773
Kristina Meyer Meyer, Kristina 1st Grade Teacher
Morgan Meyer Meyer, Morgan Assistant Principal
Neil Meyer Meyer, Neil Teacher
Amy Mitchell Mitchell, Amy Bookkeeper 928-726-0773
Heidi Mullins Mullins, Heidi Kindergarten Teacher 928-726-8410
September Olmstead Olmstead, September Aide
Ivy Sabatini Sabatini, Ivy Aide
Angela Schiller Schiller, Angela Principal 928-726-8410
Beth Schleusener Schleusener, Beth ELA
Josiah Schultz Schultz, Josiah Youth Director 928-726-0773
Brenda Schumack Schumack, Brenda PE Teacher 928-726-8410
Debbie Sebree Sebree, Debbie 7th Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Kameron Shill Shill, Kameron Assistant Principal 928-726-8410
Sarah Stewart Stewart, Sarah 4th Grade Teacher 928-726-8410
Whitney Stuebs Stuebs, Whitney ESS 928-726-8410
Kim Thayer Thayer, Kim Writing 928-726-8410
Elizabeth Thompson Thompson, Elizabeth 5th Grade Teacher 928-342-0448
Shana Thompson Thompson, Shana Aide 928-726-8410
Rhonda Whitcomb Whitcomb, Rhonda 7th Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Kameron Shill

    Assistant Principal
  • Profile Photo

    Elena Jimenez

    School Secretary
  • Profile Photo

    Staisha Hinojosa

    Surround Care Director
  • Profile Photo

    Joy Chamness

  • Profile Photo

    Angela Fulsome

    Preschool Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Julie Kist

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Heidi Mullins

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Carrie Harman

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Kristina Meyer

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Stephanie Kovesdy

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Kathleen Di Bianca

    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Rhonda Whitcomb

    7th Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Lara Dinsmore

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Sarah Stewart

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Whitney Stuebs

  • Profile Photo

    Lauren Gross

    6th Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Morgan Meyer

    Assistant Principal
  • Profile Photo

    Debbie Sebree

    7th Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Brenda Schumack

    PE Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Tony Harman

    8th Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Natasha McMullen

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Karen Jarocki