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Surround Care

Surround Care

Surround Care is our before and after school childcare program, and it is available for students in grades PreK-8

Morning Surround Care opens at 6:30am and is available until 7:50am, at which time students will be monitored on the fields and playground. The afternoon program begins at 3:15pm Monday - Thursday and runs until 5:30pm. On Fridays, Surround Care is available to students beginning at 1:15 when school dismisses, and will be open until 5:30 pm. 

The conduct and courtesy expected of Yuma Lutheran School students continues in the Surround Care program. As a member of the Yuma Lutheran School community, children are expected to respect the staff, one another, the materials, and the facilities. Students may not leave the buildings or grounds until they are checked out by a parent or authorized guardian. There is a nominal hourly fee for Surround Care, and a full day summer program is available as well.

For more information, contact Mrs. Staisha Hinojosa at 928.726.8410 or at