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Middle School

Middle School students are viewed as leaders on our campus. As a result, we encourage and expect them to exhibit self-discipline, Godly moral judgment, pride in our school, and respect for self and others. These principles are evidenced in the curriculum as well.

Religion is taught daily through Bible studies, discussion of current events, devotion time and the religion curriculum Walking in Truth by Summit Ministries. 

The Middle School Language Arts curriculum at Yuma Lutheran is extremely comprehensive. Students develop and expand their skills in reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary usage, and English grammar as it pertains to both speaking and writing. They continue to develop higher level thinking and critical reasoning skills. In literature, they focus primarily on analyzing symbolism, themes, and motifs.

The Social Studies curriculum for Middle School encompasses both World and U.S. History. During 6th grade, students learn about early civilizations and cultures throughout Central and South America, Asia, and Europe. 7th and 8th graders learn about the history of our country and the historical foundations and democratic principles upon which it was founded.

Our Middle School Science program covers all of the major strands of science. 6th grade Earth Science focuses on rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, weathering and erosion, and weather and climate. Life Science is the focus of 7th grade, as students learn about the five major kingdoms and their interaction with one another. Students also learn about the concept of evolution as compared and contrasted with creation. 8th graders have the opportunity to take a more hands-on approach in the areas of physics and chemistry. Topics include forces, motion, energy, electricity, sound, and light along with the chemical and physical properties of atoms, elements, compounds, and mixtures. In addition, all 7th and 8th grade students participate in our spring science fair in order to apply the scientific reasoning and communication skills that they have learned.

The Middle School Math Curriculum reinforces previously taught skills and challenges students to apply those skills to solve complex problems. 6th grade students review number sense, order of operations, measurements, and graphing. In addition, they are introduced to integers, functions, and algebraic reasoning. 7th grade students learn about proportional relationships, data analysis and statistics, and rational and irrational numbers. Advanced 7th graders and 8th grade students complete our Pre-Algebra class, which involves solving one-step algebraic equations and inequalities, solving problems involving integers and exponents, and more complex data analysis. Our advanced 8th grade students complete a high school level Algebra class in which they solve and graph multi-step one and two variable linear equations and inequalities. In addition, they solve polynomials, interpret quadratic equations, and are introduced to trigonometry.

Middle School students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of elective classes

In addition to the music and physical education classes offered to all of our students, students in grades 6th — 8th have the privilege of participating in 4 STEAM courses throughout the year. These courses provide students with experiences outside the normal curriculum, and often they are the ones the students look forward to most. Following is the list of courses taught:

STEAM Exploration


Outdoor Education

Pali Institute
Sixth grade students and teachers travel to Running Springs, CA for three days. Each student that attends Pali Institute should leave with an increased understanding of our human impact and respect for themselves, each other, and the environment. Each day includes time for devotions and prayer. This outdoor education trip is tied to our Science curriculum. Parent chaperones are invited to attend. You can find more information here:

Palomar Christian Conference Center
Our 7th grade students and teachers head to Palomar in April for an outdoor education trip. They are gone for four days and enjoy team building activities, ziplining, ropes courses, paint ball and nature walks. Each day they spend time in devotion and close the day with a campfire. This outdoor education trip is tied to our Science curriculum. Parent chaperones are invited to attend.  You can find more information here:

Catalina Island
Our 8th grade students and teachers enjoy a sleepover on a battle ship the night before taking a ferry to Catalina Island. On this 5 day trip the students participate in daily devotions, scuba diving, canoeing and night hikes. This trip is also tied to our Science curriculum. Parent chaperones are invited to attend. You can find more information here: catalina-island-camps