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Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Through Christ, we are S.A.V.E.D.


The students will …

  • Know that Jesus is their Savior.
  • Grow in their faith in Jesus through reading God’s Word, regular worship, and a healthy prayer life.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the Bible from a Lutheran perspective.
  • Share Jesus’ love with others through words, scriptures, actions, and service.


The students will …

Develop good study habits.
Demonstrate strong proficiency in all the subject areas.
Use technology effectively to facilitate learning.
Apply and clearly communicate knowledge in all subject areas.


The students will …

Understand and demonstrate Christian love for everyone, especially in a group setting.
Accept responsibility for own actions and how these actions impact others.
Develop leadership skills to become more responsible members of their church, school, and community.


The students will …

Develop critical thinking skills to discern truth.
Learn and demonstrate problem solving skills.


The students will …

Develop a desire to become life long learners.
Develop a desire to learn about culture and the arts.
Develop an understanding of who we are in Christ through nurturing and maintaining healthy bodies.